Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ahhhh a Day of Rest

Well I've done almost nothing today.......and to be honest I've enjoyed lazing around and not having to do much. I even had a nap on the sofa which is totally out of the norm for me!

We did have a few drinks last night which was the cause of the quiet day but sometimes you just need to let your hair down, drink a few and get the poker game going, not that we play for real money but we still have a laugh. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday (Velik Den) so the eggs have been dyed and look really nice.

The eggs at the back were brought round by our friend Jordani who also provided the 3 large goose eggs for the kids. It'll be fun watching them bash eggs tomorrow to see who's is the last to break. 

This page tells you more about how Easter is celebrated in Bulgaria and the traditions Velik Den 

I hope everyone reading is having a lovely weekend, where ever you are

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