Monday, 21 March 2011

Waiting For The Storks

We're still waiting for the first glimpse of the storks returning so that can finally remove our  rather tired looking Martenitza's. This signifies the start of spring, although the official date for spring to start is today 21st March First Day of Spring in Bulgaria. Unfortunately the weather has cooled off considerably and been a bit overcast and showery for the last few days, so back into the drawers the shorts have gone and the woollen socks are firmly back on for now!

So far in the garden there's been a good show from the flowering bulbs, who are getting bigger every day, not that I can remember what they all are. Some though have perished and got frost bitten after the warm spell we had in January. I'm not sure they'll do anything at all now and there's a possibility that they will never flower again. I'll just leave them be and wait to see. But we do have radishes growing in the garden and the fruit trees look ready to sprout into life again. 

The grass has made a huge leap and is starting to look green and lush in places, which of course doesn't last long when one of the horses or donkey gets at it, but in all the animals are really enjoying the longer, milder days and making the most of it. We've made a few changes in the chicken house and they've been spending more time free ranging in the garden. Gone is our "Spare" cockerel, new roosts and a nesting box are in place and everything seems calm in the hen house. In fact so calm that the hens have started laying again which is great news. Maybe we'll even get a broody hen this year and hatch some chicks.