Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blossom Everywhere

I love this time of year, all of the plum trees are blossoming and the bees are busy pollinating the flowers. The smell is fantastic, even my small lemon tree has burst into flower. As the weeks go by other trees open the leaves and petals so the landscape is constantly changing from one day to the next. The garden is coming to life and soon it'll be madness trying to get everything planted and keep it watered.

We've had a busy few days and got a lot of jobs sorted out. The small trees and weeds have been cleared from the back of the barn, hubby's lovely hammock hanger is having a makeover and will become a much more useful thing over the next few month (more on that another time). The posts are in for my paddock, so I may get some riding done this year hopefully. I'd like to get back in the saddle but need to build some confidence first in an enclosed area.

I've added some old straw bales to the vegetable garden 1) as a border between different areas and 2) because some plants can be grown directly on top of the bales. Means less bending to weed and although the bales will only last around 2 years, once they have finished being used for planting the should be broken down enough to benefit the garden as compost would. Many barrows of our lovely compost have been added to the raised beds and new areas that I'll use later in the year.

I've been planting herbs and more tomato plants (cherry tomatoes this time), weeded parts of the flower beds and also netted the strawberry plants to try and keeps the dogs off them. Last year our strawberries were eaten by the bantams but since we don't have any loose chickens now (they're only allowed out to roam under supervision and spend the rest of the time in their large pen) hopefully we'll have a nice crop of strawberries to eat soon.

Last week I did take some photgraphs to post here but alas I'm yet again on the slow old laptop as our keyboard has mysteriously been broken on the pc! So bear with me and I promise to get some piccies uploaded sometime in the next week.

Easter will soon be here, but before that is another small event - it's my birthday tomorrow, another year older and possibly, maybe a little bit wiser.....or not, who knows? We're not doing anything special (unless it's a secret) but may have a wee drink or 3 to celebrate. The weather isn't wonderful this week and has been windy and much cooler, so we're still lighting the fire on an evening and eating lovely comfort and warming food. Roll on summer and salads!

I'm off back to the garden now to wheelbarrow more compost for the raised beds - lucky me :) But if you get a chance I'd like you to have a look at one of my friends blogs http://misswhiplash.wordpress.com/ It's not what it sounds like but amusing, well written and truthful, I like it anyway and hope you will too.