Sunday, 8 September 2013

How Time Flies!

Time flies so fast these days that I'm not sure my feet have even touched the ground. It's September already and winter preparations have started. There have been a lot of changes here since I blogged last and most of them have been good (apart from the odd exception of course).

Each day brings a new set of challenges and as the months pass by quickly life just seems to take it's own course. This year saw the arrival of many good (and not so good) volunteers, a few ducks, new chickens and a 4x4 so we should be able to get out and about this winter with more ease. We have managed to get some small jobs done around the house but nothing major has changed to be honest. My garden is a little bereft this year but still producing enough for us to eat and save for winter time. Working has become a full time occupation again but the bills are being paid so that's what counts!

I've been riding quite a lot this year and actually trained for an endurance competition of 30km's. Sadly I never got to compete but did get to spend a few weekends in great company helping out as endurance crew which has been a great experience. Plus it meant I got to see more of this beautiful country as we travelled quite far. There are still a couple of competitions left this season so maybe I'll post some photos after the next one. Maya, my pony has come a long way and it now totally bitless, barefoot and treeless too - both of the ponies have had big changes this year and now live outside 24/7 which has made a huge difference to their attitudes, especially grumpy Maya. Who is now happy, rarely grumps and enjoys my company.

Time to go feed animals now so I'lll bid you farewell and be back soon for a proper update :)