Monday, 31 May 2010

Ups and Downs

I've not been blogging as much lately due to various things. Life has been full of ups and downs in the last week some of which I've covered in previous blog posts. Last night we lost the last bantam to the dreaded and now hated Beech Marten despite our efforts to stop it killing them off. I'm quite sad about it really but can understand that it's a wild animal and at this time of the year probably has young to feed. It's all about survival but doesn't make it any easier when the barn floor is littered with feathers from my little bantam crew.

My hayfever this year seems to be worse than ever so I've had to abandon the garden for a while until I can either get it under control or whatever triggers it stops flowering. Hopefully I can get back to normal pretty quickly and enjoy the summer. The kids will be heading off the UK in a couple of weeks time to see family and friends so it will be rather quiet around here! And we've been told yesterday that hubby's oldest son, 2 of his friends and a friend of ours are booked to come over mid September for a holiday, so our little bungalow will be in use then.

Snotty the cat was allowed to stay in the house for the first time ever last night while we tried to corner and stop the Beech Marten, he wasn't too impressed though and had managed to knock over lots of things, pee on the bathroom mat, keep me awake for ages prowling around and sneezing (that's why he's called Snotty) and finally teaching himself how to open the front door to let himself out, twice! Never mind, he's much happier out in the stable yard. We seem to have been adopted by a dog too - he's been sleeping outside the gate, next to the cars since friday night and doesn't look like he wants to go anywhere. He seems rather sweet and shy, but is quite thin, has some general hair loss and one leg covered in pitch/tar. I have a sneaky suspicion that he's been dumped close by as seems to happen near where other expats live, and has happened to us before. We'll see what happens, for now he seems quite content to stay outside of the gate.