Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What a Whopper!

Well a busy time it has been lately and progress on the extension is good. All in all life is great at the moment, the weather is nice and I feel like we're actually getting somewhere. The extension is looking great and we found time for other things like giving the 2 spaniels their last haircuts of the year and bathing poor Vasko. I must say that he didn't really enjoy the occasion but smells a lot better now. His coat feels much less greasy too but he will always look scruffy.

 Sunday was our first wedding anniversary and although we didn't do anything really special it was nice just spending some relaxed time together. I was positive that hubby would forget but he didn't and to my surprise even managed to present me with a gift..........not the usual kind though, and something I didn't need but still nice all the same. Another dog and she is called Yantra after the river near us where she was found and hubby was fishing at the night before our anniversary!

So here she is, a very sweet little girl probably about 6 months old and very bright. She's been staying in the house and never made any mess, has got used to the other animals quickly and become Molly's new best friend and playmate.

I must point out that he's not in the habit of bringing stray dogs home but since they were fishing quite a way from any villages decidede that he couldn't leave her there to fend for herself.

So now back to the original title of this blog entry - What a Whopper! we had English friends from a nearby village come to visit last week, it was great to catch up and have a chat over coffee. Each time they visit the lady brings me seedlings, seeds or cutting which I really appreciate, and this visit was no exception. Also in the boot of their car were a few butternut squashes which we love and 2 huge pumpkins! Out of curiosity I weighed the pumpkins yesterday and was amazed at how heavy they are - a repectable 24 and 25 kilo's! So any pumpkin recipes readers have I'd be glad if you could send them my way lol. Here's a pic of one of them on our bathroom scales

Well that's my lunch break over so I best get on with a few jobs I've got lined up for this afternoon.