Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bright, Snow Filled Days

We've got snow here again but at least the sun is shining and the animals can be outside in the fresh air. The kids on the other hand, are spending the days inside as they're off school for a week on flu alert. Having the kids at home during the day has muddled my system up and I've lost track of the days - my brain has been on weekend mode all week and I have to keep reminding myself that it's only Thursday.

At least the Bulgarian government is being proactive in the spread of flu, a lot of the schools are off around the country and it should hopefully help with keeping flu sufferers to a minimum. I do worry about some of the older folk in the village when the weather is bad. This winter has so far, been better than last and we aren't hearing the church bells ringing every day which is a good sign.

February is almost here so it's time to start garden planning again. Soon I'll be sowing chilli and pepper seeds indoors and also getting a few other things ready. I'm still undecided as what to grow this year but will be checking this blog to remind myself of what has done well in the past before I make any firm decisions. I'll be watching the weather too and hoping for a good, not too wet spring.

What will you be growing this year and why? I'd be interested to hear from anyone growing organically. Oh and I'm looking for more charities for the Pimp My Project pages I started a while ago, so if you know of a worthy cause please get in touch.