Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Just as I was bringing the horses in tonight the local policemen pulled up in their blue Lada. So off I went with the second horse to the barn and then to see what was going on. Our usual uniformed officer was there with another I didn't recognise and they needed me to sign yet another document relating to our recent theft. I'm quite wary of signing things that I don't understand but after asking the policeman I was assured it was because they have found at least some of our missing things and a court date has been set for the trial. Now they couldn't tell me who'd taken them but I don't have long to wait to find out as we're at court on Monday!

I'm not looking forward to court but have been assured there will be a translator present as is normal for a non Bulgarian. Let's hope that whoever did the theft receives more than a slap on the wrist. I'll be really glad to get the strimmer back as the garden is starting to look like a jungle again. All the rain we've had has ensured the grass and weeds are growing really well, and at the moment they're swamping my vegetables! with some of the land cleared we may even be able to get a concrete pad put down for the new pool to sit on.

There are a few things ready to crop here in the garden. The cucumbers that went in late have finally caught up and I should be picking the first one tomorrow, peppers are doing really well and hopefully should produce plenty, but the tomatoes are still not looking great, lots of flowers but not a lot of fruit so far and the broad beans are almost ready to be picked too.  The apples are doing well as are the pears but there aren't many quinces this year. Still there will be plenty of jams and preserves made to help us last the winter.

I'll bid you all farewell for tonight but hope you'll join me in a quick toast to the Bulgarian policemen who have brightened my day :)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Trip To The Vets

Well as I mentioned yesterday, we were having to make an extra trip into town to take poor Sasha to the vets this morning. Her back left paw was looking quite swollen, red and angry and there was a weeping spot on the top of it that she'd been licking at often and was obviously bothering her. The vet confirmed it was probably a grass seed that had become wedged under the skin and quickly sprayed the paw with local anesthetic and carefully removed 2 grass seeds without much trouble. I watched the whole time and couldn't believe how far in the little blighters had got!

After the initial examination and treatment the lady vet wanted to do a quick check of Sasha's ears as spaniels are prone to getting foreign objects in them due to running around like lunatics with their heads close to the ground, sniffing everything and behaving as they do. Obviously the amount of hair on their ears doesn't help and that's why we do clip the spaniels especially in the summer. Lo and behold in the left ear there was another grass seed wedged and although Sasha is quite a good patient it was painful, so sedation was the easiest way to have the treatment done without causing too much of a fuss. 15 minutes later and she's wobbling around like she's had one too many rakia's, then almost asleep on the floor and the procedure begins. It's all over quite quickly, another grass seed lying on the table and poor Sasha is by that time flat out and enjoying a snooze!

A quick sedation reversal injection is given, a couple more jabs for anti biotic and inflammation and within 10 minutes we were back outside in the sunshine relieved, happier and with Sasha trying to play but on very wobbly legs! Quick service, no appointment needed and to be honest even the cost wasn't too bad - I very much doubt we'd have got far past the initial consultation in the UK for the same money. So home we headed and Sasha is now fully recovered and back to normal.

Still not normal, however, is the weather here - while I'm typing this there's another huge thunder storm going on outside. Flashes of lightning, heavy rain and loud rumbling. I'm expecting the electricity to cut off any moment so will post this update now just in case. Catch up with you all soon :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Possible Solutions

Yesterday afternoon because it rained so hard and we had hailstones bouncing around in high winds it was decided that work was over for the day, it was Sunday after all and all work, no rest makes for a very dull life. After a cup of coffee and a chat with a few people on the internet it was nice to be invited out for tea and to collect a rather large easy set pool which hubby had been looking for (and in the shops was beyond our budget). Ex-pats in a village near us had one for sale and said they'd sort everything out so we could go over and pick it up. So off we went and had a lovely time, chatting, eating great food, swapping tales of village life etc and collecting loads of new plants for the garden which were very kindly given to us.

It was rather late when we got home and dark but we managed to get the horses in and settled and everything tucked away for the night. So we now have a pool to cool off in, but first we'll have to make a flat area in a sunny part of the garden for it to sit on. The kids will love it when they get home and while they're away we'll enjoy it too! Photos will follow when we get the thing set up and filled.

This morning I planted all of the lovely flowers and herbs I was given and generally pottered about as usual. My pepper plants are finally starting to fruit and despite the harsh winds we had yesterday afternoon everything seems fine. Except my washing which blew off the line and had to be retrieved from the field lol.

We're getting even closer to Charlotte's next litter of piglets being born and I'm just as excited as the first time, in fact, probably more so as it won't be minus 27 degrees C outside! We've yet to get round to sorting out her house for the babies but it's on our list of "Must do" jobs as urgent. We have to remove the raised sleeping area that hubby built as the piglets managed to take it apart almost so it's probably safer for the new litter if we just take it away and give them some straw to sleep on. The pig house needs a thorough clean out, disinfected and left to dry before Charlotte can go in and make herself comfortable.

Tomorrow I'm off to the vets in town with Sasha our Springer Spaniel as she appears to have something in her back right paw, it's very red, weeping and she's been constantly licking it for 2 days without any sign of improvement. She's not poorly at all, eating well (as normal) and isn't limping but there's something definitely wrong so best go get it checked out. We think there may be a grass seed head wedged in under the skin which would need removed under sedation/anesthetic.

Trying to keep the dogs out of the long grass is a daily chore here, both of the spaniels love water too and are quite fond of jumping into the spring outside the house when they want to cool down or get a drink. Here's hoping her foot can be sorted quickly, painlessly and without much fuss. Vets here on the main are quite good, there is a vet in the village but I'm not too impressed with his services and practices so it's off to the big town we go where the vets there have a proper surgery, speak english and will take the time to find out what the problem is instead of just doling out medicines. So once again my painting/gardening plans have been altered but for a good cause, I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow.