Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Trip To The Vets

Well as I mentioned yesterday, we were having to make an extra trip into town to take poor Sasha to the vets this morning. Her back left paw was looking quite swollen, red and angry and there was a weeping spot on the top of it that she'd been licking at often and was obviously bothering her. The vet confirmed it was probably a grass seed that had become wedged under the skin and quickly sprayed the paw with local anesthetic and carefully removed 2 grass seeds without much trouble. I watched the whole time and couldn't believe how far in the little blighters had got!

After the initial examination and treatment the lady vet wanted to do a quick check of Sasha's ears as spaniels are prone to getting foreign objects in them due to running around like lunatics with their heads close to the ground, sniffing everything and behaving as they do. Obviously the amount of hair on their ears doesn't help and that's why we do clip the spaniels especially in the summer. Lo and behold in the left ear there was another grass seed wedged and although Sasha is quite a good patient it was painful, so sedation was the easiest way to have the treatment done without causing too much of a fuss. 15 minutes later and she's wobbling around like she's had one too many rakia's, then almost asleep on the floor and the procedure begins. It's all over quite quickly, another grass seed lying on the table and poor Sasha is by that time flat out and enjoying a snooze!

A quick sedation reversal injection is given, a couple more jabs for anti biotic and inflammation and within 10 minutes we were back outside in the sunshine relieved, happier and with Sasha trying to play but on very wobbly legs! Quick service, no appointment needed and to be honest even the cost wasn't too bad - I very much doubt we'd have got far past the initial consultation in the UK for the same money. So home we headed and Sasha is now fully recovered and back to normal.

Still not normal, however, is the weather here - while I'm typing this there's another huge thunder storm going on outside. Flashes of lightning, heavy rain and loud rumbling. I'm expecting the electricity to cut off any moment so will post this update now just in case. Catch up with you all soon :)


  1. Ican't begin to think how much that treatment would have cost at our vets (in Oxfordshire), I guess rather a lot!!

    Glad to hear she's back on her (slightly less inflamed and sore) feet.

    Your weather sounds VERY dramatic at the moment.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi, have just recently come across your blog and spent the weekend coming up to date with your adventures. We noticed that you miss OXO and Marmite (and books). We are coming over in a couple of weeks time to clean up the house prior to our permanent move to the Veliko / Levski region of Bulgaria. We were wondering if you would like us to bring out some of the items you miss when we come?

  3. Hi Sue, the weather here is quite dramatic and apparently the last year like this one was 1997 when a lot of crops were lost, said our Bulgarian friend.

    Dog doing really well but doesn't like the antibiotic ear drops at all! Treatment costs were the equivalent of around £30.

    Hi bobmosdell and thanks for your comment. I hoped you've enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

    It would be lovely to meet up with you in the future and I hope all goes well with your move. Thank you for the kind offer of bringing us a few things over but at the moment we have a decent stock of OXO and Marmite to last us a while. There is an English bookshop in Veliko Tarnovo which buys and sells books. And we have a friend moving into the village soon that is bringing a whole load with her so should be fine for at least the winter!

    Please keep in touch, I'd love to hear more about what you hope to do in Bulgaria and what your village is like.

    Suzy xx