Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Catching Up

After a few awful, wet, cold and quite dreary days and the meterological people issuing a code yellow for bad weather, the weather today has been lovely so we've spent the whole day in the garden catching up with things and dong what seemed like small jobs but are the type that really make a difference.

The dog proofed fence and gates are now finished and look very nice if I must say so myself,  it certainly makes the garden look different and now I don't have to worry about big Spaniel paws trampling on my vegetables. Baba our little Bulgarian dog is not too impressed though as she can no longer go up the garden to bark or disappear off down the field unless we're out there with her. Not that she goes far or runs away but it's just nice to know she can't come to any harm.

Also finished is hubby's new BBQ, oh how he does love a good BBQ as many of our friends will confirm. When we first moved here he built a very nice BBQ in the corner of our yard that has served us well for 3 years but was looking a little tired and really wasn't in the best place so it was time for something different. After demolishing and recycling parts of the old BBQ he got straight to work and built a new, improved BBQ in our animal free garden zone, and boy is it a sight to be seen, very nice with lights and everything plus a few special we just need to start using it!

I've spent time today weeding the vegetables and flower bed, plus generally pottering about. The kids have been into town for a friend's birthday so it's been lovely and peaceful here too. There are still a lot of flowers to appear in my garden hopefully but the vegetables so far seem to be doing ok. I have a whole load of tomato, pepper, chilli and other things to plant out soon but need to put a bit more work into the raised bed area and find enough space for everything. My sister in law left some vegetable seeds last year when she returned to the UK, which had gone out of date, so thinking that they wouldn't germinate very well I put the whole lot in the soil and left them to it, now I have an abundance of swede, cabbage, broccolli and various salad leaves popping up everywhere! But if we don't manage to eat or freeze it all I'm sure I can find a few pigs that will help out.

Speaking of pigs, they are all doing fantastic, putting on weight steadily and getting up to mischief as usual. Hubby built yet another pig feeder today, so let's see how long this one lasts before they dismantle it!