Saturday, 6 August 2011

Oh So Quiet

Today our friends and family left for their flight back to the UK and it's been lovely seeing them again. Hubby has taken himself off fishing so I'm home alone and it's really, really quiet. So quiet that I'm actually bored and don't know what to do with myself. I've settled all the animals down for the night fed and watered them, watered the garden and made some lovely plum and ginger jam but now I'm twiddling my thumbs.

We've had a great week here and I'm feeling a lot more positive. A friend painted me 2 wonderful abstract paintings for the lounge wall and they look fantastic. The house in general is starting to look more like a home and even the summer house now has most of it's roof done. Still no paddock though!

The 2 Spaniels have had another hair cut as temperatures are set to rise here over the next few days. Our little Cocker Spaniel looks hilarious but she's happy and must be feeling much cooler. Poor Charlotte the pig is very hormonal again and refusing to eat, she's pacing the doorway looking for a mate and wanting attention from hubby lol of course he just strokes and she's all a fluster. In a couple of days she'll be back to normal but while she's like this the smaller pigs think it's great as they get all the food!

Well i'm off to see if I can find something to do. maybe i'll go to bed with a book or watch TV. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and the weather isn't too bad where you are

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Some nights it's so peaceful here and you can forget there are other people around, not that they're close by, but there are 807 residents in the village some of which we've probably never seen or met. Just this morning I chatted to a lady I have seen in the village but never spoken to and she was lovely. We talked about her dog which was called Suzy!

The sound and light show at Veliko Tarnovo

Lately though there have been some noises during the night and when we have investigated it turned out that our 2 horses have taught themselves to open the stable doors. Milka in particular has now learnt that if she leans her backside on the door hard enough the bolt will slide from it's keeper and she's free to roam around the yard and lick the feed buckets clean! This morning I found Maya waiting at the yard gate for me and whinnying hello as she had broken the bolt on her door. Luckily they are both ok and cannot get out of the yard so quite secure.

Milka in the winter

Tonight has been noisy too, but it had nothing to do with the horses. For some reason tghe village dogs have been barking like mad, which of course, set the 3 dogs we have outside off and I've had to go out and tell them to be quiet. Maybe there's a fox roaming around or something. At least they've gone to sleep now - and so am goodnight all and sleep tight :)