Saturday, 15 January 2011

Beautiful Bulgaria

Lately there seems to have been some upheaval in other areas of Bulgaria. A wild boar was found near the Burgas with foot and mouth disease First case of foot and mouth in Bulgaria for 12 years although it seems to be pretty much under control now after measures were taken to stop any further contamination.  Further information can be found here 37 New Cases of FMD in Bulgaria, EC Vows Compensations

I do feel for the farmers that have lost the livestock, but if the spread of disease hadn't of been stopped things could have been much, much worse.

Over the last few days the weather here has been fantastic, sunshine, temperatures of 16 Degrees C and an ideal chance to get outside and make a start on my garden. It's hard to imagine that it was -27 degrees C this time last year, but I'm well aware of how quickly things can and do change here.

I'm hoping to make a few changes this year that will help the productivity and hopefully make the garden easier to manage. I'm building more raised beds, using our wonderful organic compost, and still thinking about trying a small hot bed to extend the growing season. I'd also like to convert the first raised bed area we made last year into a polytunnel type structure and it should be pretty easy to do.

Hubby has also been outside today enjoying the mild weather and has been making a new long bow. It's one of his passions and something he hasn't had the chance to do for a while. It was lovely to see him happily working away with a piece of timber and seeing it start to take shape. Each bow is made by hand in a traditional method and they are a piece of art when finished. Although this latest one may not be finished for some time. One day soon I'll take photos of his beautiful creations and post them here for you all to see.

The animals and kids have been out for the day, animals happily grazing or rolling in the mud and the kids have been to meet friends in town. So a good day for all and I'll end on that note. Hope you've all had a great day too xx