Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Just as I was bringing the horses in tonight the local policemen pulled up in their blue Lada. So off I went with the second horse to the barn and then to see what was going on. Our usual uniformed officer was there with another I didn't recognise and they needed me to sign yet another document relating to our recent theft. I'm quite wary of signing things that I don't understand but after asking the policeman I was assured it was because they have found at least some of our missing things and a court date has been set for the trial. Now they couldn't tell me who'd taken them but I don't have long to wait to find out as we're at court on Monday!

I'm not looking forward to court but have been assured there will be a translator present as is normal for a non Bulgarian. Let's hope that whoever did the theft receives more than a slap on the wrist. I'll be really glad to get the strimmer back as the garden is starting to look like a jungle again. All the rain we've had has ensured the grass and weeds are growing really well, and at the moment they're swamping my vegetables! with some of the land cleared we may even be able to get a concrete pad put down for the new pool to sit on.

There are a few things ready to crop here in the garden. The cucumbers that went in late have finally caught up and I should be picking the first one tomorrow, peppers are doing really well and hopefully should produce plenty, but the tomatoes are still not looking great, lots of flowers but not a lot of fruit so far and the broad beans are almost ready to be picked too.  The apples are doing well as are the pears but there aren't many quinces this year. Still there will be plenty of jams and preserves made to help us last the winter.

I'll bid you all farewell for tonight but hope you'll join me in a quick toast to the Bulgarian policemen who have brightened my day :)


  1. Brilliantly quick service. From crime, to capture to court within the space of a few days. That's how it should be.

    Your produce sounds very abundant at the moment, we can't keep up with our cucumber plants, I rather mistakenly planted 10 and they are all cropping!! It's a good job we like salad. Do you know of any way of preserving them?

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sue, I believe you can preserve cucumbers just like you would gherkins. Our neighbours preserve them in a brine solution although I'm not sure of the exact recipe etc. I'll have a look around on the internet if you want and see what I can come up with.

    Suzy xx