Sunday, 4 April 2010

Celebrating Easter

We've had a lovely day - hubby went out fishing early this morning, the kids have had friends round and we've done the Bulgarian traditional egg bashing, which was great fun. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all the hard boiled eggs that are left over!

I've managed to get a fair sized vegetable bed almost dug over today and found my magnetic back support which has helped keep the pain at bay longer. Tonight we've been invited around to Jordani's house so that should top the day off nicely.

More flower seeds have been thrown randomly around the patch beside the house so in a few weeks it should start looking less barren. It will be a good surprise when the flowers come as I mixed all the seeds together so they won't have an order. Funny because I like the vegetable plots to look orderly, everything growing straight as I plant using string lines but the flowers seem to look much better randomly placed.

Our guests are leaving soon to make the trip back to Varna for their flight early tomorrow, I hope they've enjoyed their stay and will be back soon. We might even manage to get some more work done on the bungalow over the next couple of months and finish it in case anyone else wants to stay.

Tomorrow the piglets are to be separated from mum Charlotte, she's tired of them now and the pig house is a little crowded. They're old enough to be weaned so shouldn't get too stressed hopefully. We've been advised to take Charlotte back to the boar over the next week as she'll be fertile again and although I think it may be a little early to plan another litter she should be fine and will have time to rest and recuperate after caring for the piglets so well.

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