Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Quiet Night

Peace and quiet returned here last night, there were no escaping pigs, we didn't get flooded and even the village dogs barked less than normal as the rain kept most people indoors. The sun has made an appearance today although it's still quite cool outside compared to the weather we've had lately.

On a wander around the vegetable plot I was quite surprised to see my onions hadn't been washed out and they seem to be sprouting well. Last year we had torrential rain a day after I planted onions and I had to replant most of them after they floated away!

The radish seeds I sowed last week are coming through nicely so hopefully it won't be too long before we're eating the first of this years produce again. I love most vegetables and fruit, especially home grown, and try not to buy things out of season if I can help it. I noticed yesterday in the supermarket that chillies were up to 14.99 leva a kilo! Pricey and even though hubby and I love chillies I'm loathe to buy any at that price when I know within a couple of months we'll be inundated with them!
As some of my chilli and pepper seeds haven't germinated so I'll have to sow them again - what usually happens is that as soon as I start off another batch the first lot germinate and I end up with twice as many as planned, but next to nothing goes to waste here so I don't mind. I do have a few pepper/chilli seedlings almost ready to go outside and also 2 varieties of cherry tomatoes.

 Just need the garden to dry out again so I can turn more over and get things in!

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