Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rainy Days :(

The heavens opened overnight and it's still raining now. Everything including me is soaking wet and we're indoors with the wood burner on and back in our warm clothes.

Charlotte spent half of the night pacing around the yard calling for the piglets but has calmed down a little now. She's usually happy to stay in her house but last night she kept breaking the door open so we had to leave her in the yard with her door open in case she wanted to go in. I'm glad we put metal gates on the yard so at least she couldn't get out of there. The piglets on the other hand seem to be enjoying themselves and not missing their mum at all. We'll keep a closer eye on them all over the next week or so though and they'll all be getting extra attention too.

I've been and done the shopping today and paid a few bills, and unless I get the urge to do some housework I haven't much else planned for this afternoon. Really should pop and see our neighbour Slafka as it's her birthday and they didn't come for us to go to the cafe this morning, presumably because of the weather. She'll be worrying about her husband as he's due to go in for hernia surgery on Thursday, unbelievably he's been waiting 10 years to have this operation but until now either wasn't in regular employment and paying health contributions or didn't have the money to pay for the surgery and hospital stay. Hopefully he'll be home within a week and all will have gone well.

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