Monday, 5 April 2010

It's "W" Day!

Or Weaning day for the piglets, they're now 10 weeks old and really should have left mum 2 weeks ago but as they were happy and content we let them stay together a bit longer than we should have to be honest.

Poor mum is now pacing the yard (as she keeps opening the sty door), calling for her babies and tormenting the donkey! The babies however, seem to have enjoyed their tea, spent a bit of time investigating their new house and decided it was time for a snooze!

Today we've managed to get the barn yard cleaned up, hubby has been bricklaying on the partitions inside the barn - to keep the piglets contained as they are total hooligans! Eggs have been collected and we've found that our turkey hen is not sitting any more and also the layer chicken had left the much for chicks coming soon! Our bantam hen is still on her eggs though which is typical, since we didn't really want any more bantams!

We're forecast rain over the next few days so the garden is going to have to wait. Tomorrow I'm off out shopping to restock the fridge, buy in the animal feeds and also pay the satellite company as I forgot when it was due (and we don't get bills for it) so it was partially cut off yesterday. It's also working time for most of the animals so I'll be popping into the vets which is always fun.

Update on our dog with the swollen face........she's better, no sign of swelling or infection and as happy as a pig in mud running around the garden getting filthy, so no trip to the vets for Sasha.

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