Sunday, 28 March 2010

And The Heavens Opened!

Today has been miserable, dull and rainy.......just to remind us that it's not summer yet although we've had temperatures of over 20 degrees C. So we're back to squelching about in the mud, filthy tiled floors and drying washing inside.

My garden that was drying out quite well will now be back to looking like a mud hole with small streams flowing down one side that take ages to go away, at least I have an excuse for doing absolutely nothing outside today! I did though manage to get a few onions planted yesterday.

Preparations have been made today for guests to arrive tomorrow who are staying in our bungalow, it still needs a clean but that can be done tomorrow when I go to put the fresh bedding on etc. It's not too bad considering it's been closed up for the winter but after hubby did some minor work there today I'm sure it's muckier than when I last looked!

One of our dogs, Sasha, will have to go to the vets this week, probably Tuesday - she resembles a hamster at the moment and we think she may have a bit of wood/twig stuck in her gum causing an hasn't put her off her food and doesn't seem painful but needs attention so I'll let you know what happens.

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