Friday, 2 April 2010

The Joys of Spring

 It's a lovely morning, sun shining, cockerels crowing and the village sheep and goats have gone out for their daily grazing. The shepherd walks through the village blowing a horn and people open the gates to let their animals out to go with him, they'll be back tonight just before sunset to go into their respective gates and sleep for the night, then the process starts all over again tomorrow.

Everything has suddenly gone very green here, the grass is growing like mad, buds and leaves on trees are opening and the plum trees are in bloom. My small gooseberry bush has survived the winter and seems to be doing ok, I'd like to try and get some rhubarb this year too as I really miss those winter puddings and crumbles.

This year our fruit will be jammed, pureed and frozen or popped into alcohol to save for special occasions. Any excess usually gets fed to the animals and they don't ever refuse! We really do get a lot of fruit here, more than we could ever use no matter how hard I try.

Yesterday we discovered one of the bantam hens is sitting on eggs, great apart from they're bantam eggs and the last thing we need are any more small cockerels - so today I'll try and replace the eggs with layers eggs (fresh from their coop) and avoid getting pecked if I can! It's also time to put the collected turkey eggs back and see if our oldest turkey hen will sit on them..........fingers crossed that in 3 weeks we'll have chicks, and a week after that turkey poults.

Best sign off for now as it's market day and the highlight of the week here.

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