Wednesday, 31 March 2010


We've had a huge storm here tonight - thunder, lightning, wind, rain and golf ball sized hail stones! Although it seems to have calmed down now. We do like to watch a good storm and since it's so open here the field really lights up and looks fantastic. I'm really glad we got the animals in before it started too as it's no fun being dragged around a field in a storm by a scared horse.

Means I'll be wearing my wellies for a bit longer than I expected and the garden is now waterlogged again and still no good to rotovate..........I'm going to be behind with this years planting but there's not a thing I can do about it.

I've been out and about today into town with some lovely friends and managed to sort out a few things that needed doing. Our year end accounts were due and luckily I just got them sent off to the accountant in time and also got into a bank and paid him for the work today. We need to re-register the company this year too but that can wait a month or so.

Here's a more recent pic of Charlotte and her babies out enjoying the sunshine and getting a taste of freedom in our garden before planting starts. They're really getting big now and are eating loads but still having an occasional feed from mum when they can convince her to let them.

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