Friday, 2 April 2010

Bonus Post

Since I'm having a good day I decided to post again...... Spring really is here and since going out to the market this morning there have been a couple of developments here.

One of the bantam hens had decided to sit on eggs yesterday, so after checking we've found she's trying to hatch 6 eggs. The turkeys have decided to sit on eggs also and so far we have one female on at least 12 eggs. Plus as a final bonus one of our older layers is sitting on approximately 6 eggs so in 3-4 weeks we could possibly have a lot of new arrivals. Yay - I love chicks!

The garden is starting to dry out again so I've had a wander around to see which parts may be workable and after a quick check on my small winter veg patch I've realised that the red cabbage the donkey ate twice last year, that I left in because I couldn't be bothered to pull it out, and has been growing well again (surprisingly), may even turn out to be purple sprouting broccoli after all! Ha so much for my garden plan and remembering what I've planted......

I'm hoping to get some pea seeds planted today and possibly more onions in later when the onion patch has had a bit more sun on it - If I can do it the timing will be good because we're forecast showers tomorrow, so they'd get a good watering in.

I've also started yet another blog, about the village we live in this time. It's in the infancy stages right now so once I've added bits, taken some photos and generally beefed it up a little I'll post a link here.

Right back to the garden I go! Have a good day whatever you are doing :)

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