Monday, 29 March 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Well we're ready for guests arriving later this evening and have worked hard all day to get the bungalow ship shape and decent. I must admit that the place does look rather nice now and the kids want to move in there!

The dog is also looking much better and her swelling seems to be going down, inside her mouth there are 2 small puncture marks on the gumline which must either be the cause or where an abcess has broken through. She's still in no pain and happy for me to poke and prod at it so we'll wait and see what happens tomorrow before going off to the vets.

The rain had stopped by lunchtime and we've had glorious sunshine this afternoon, helping to lift everyone's spirits. It's amazing the change in people when the weather is good!

It's time to go get the horses and donkey in for the night and then make a quick tea - omelette's all round tonight as we have a load of fresh eggs from our hens. Then I best have a shower and make myself look less country bumpkin before setting off to pick our guests up from the bus station in town...........might actually get to sit down and chill out by about 10pm tonight but at least it will be worth it.

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