Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pig Roast

Yesterday we had our first ever pig roast and a good time was had all round. Big thanks to everyone who attended and brought lovely side dishes to compliment the home bred, home reared, home slaughtered and home roasted pig. The biggest thanks of course go to the wonderful pig for providing us with a magnificent feast. we were quite surprised at the weight of the pig - 45 kilo's, which meant 5 hours cooking time over an open apple wood fire being turned slowly until done.

Here are some before and after photos of the pig being cooked. Hubby did a great job with the pig, making the spit roast frame and cooking the meat.

Because we've been so busy there hasn't really been the time to use the new pool and today is a little cooler than it has been so the water temperature won't be that warm. It does look good and will get plenty of use especially when the kids come home. The new path is also a major improvement and I wish we'd done it last year before our wedding! Still, things change here slowly and improvements are always being made. Hubby made a wonderful door for the bathroom cupboard and fitted new marble window sills in the living room last week and even smallish jobs like those can make a world of difference. One day we'll have a finished house to be proud of, but until then we'll just keep on with the work and looking after the animals and enjoying our life in Bulgaria.

Charlotte, our sow is due to give birth in the next 2 days and is looking very well although a bit tired, she's still enjoying her food (as ever) and is quite happy to be handled as long as she gets a belly rub at the same time. I decided to try and get a weight measurement of her this morning using a formula kindly left as a comment here and was quite surprised to find out she's roughly 213 kilo's! Saying that she does feel heavier when she steps on your toes - and she is heavily pregnant. Looking back at photos from January she is even bigger with this second litter so I'll be counting the piglets as they're born. Fingers crossed all goes well and we have a healthy mum and babies at the end of it. Poor Charlotte will be having a break from pregnancy and motherhood over the winter and enjoying all the attention she'll be getting. I'm off now to collect windfall plums for her and the other pigs to munch on. They do love fruit. Might even make some more jam later today after I've washed the huge pile of dishes from last nights feast.


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed. Home slaughtered? I wouldn't even know where to start! Glad you had a good time though x

  2. Great stuff Suzy & hubby. You've definitely rediscovered what we lost with supermarket food and other progress!

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