Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sweet Sounds

When I woke up this morning the first thing I heard was Charlotte softly grunting away at her new babies, it's a wonderful sound and I'm so grateful to be able to live here and do what we do and enjoy all that the Bulgarian countryside has to offer. Makes a great start to the day!

Our 10 new arrivals all seem to be doing well and are all feeding from their content mum. We've had a quick peek at them but prefer to leave them alone most of the time to bond and adjust to their new surroundings. Here's a photo of baby number 1 starting to suckle, it's amazing how quickly on their feet and looking for food.

We've not quite managed to get a photo of all 10 babies as there was quite a wait after number 8 arrived and we did think labour had finished and were waiting for the afterbirth. It was a lovely surprise to find another 2 babies but by then it was dark and the flash of the camera may have upset the new family.

Other news this morning is that my poor old laptop seems to have died, so if any of you reading are good with computer problems maybe you could help me out. Usually I manage to repair it myself but this time I'm stumped and annoyed as it's probably due to a virus. Still, at least I have the old desktop to use even if it means I've lost all the photos and files on the laptop. I'll be spending part of today installing programmes I use on the desktop so things seem a little more normal. Vasko is at least looking a little better this morning and is moving around a bit more. He's not the most active dog by any standards but with a sore leg just wants to lie down all day. He's had some pain medication and hopefully will be back to his usual self pretty soon.

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