Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More Piglets Pics

I can spend ages just watching the piglets and find them totally adorable, every day they get stronger and this morning they were chasing each other around and playing while mum, Charlotte, had her breakfast. They do still sleep or feed for most of the day and occasionally we get to see things we haven't noticed before. Yesterday one of them had the hiccups which was funny to see.

So far we think we have 7 girls and 3 boys but as they never stay still long enough for us to get a proper look that could change over the next few weeks.

It's hard to believe that our older pigs were this small only 6 months ago - they now weigh around 45 kilo's! Charlotte is ever such a good mum and has loads of milk to feed her litter thankfully. She's eating and drinking well and keeping their sleeping area clean.

Time will tell what the piglets personalities are like. So far the one female with the black spot on her back seems to be the boss, there's a big, fat male that likes to sleep on his own a lot too. All of our pigs are friendly and love attention, with handling from a young age they make lovely pets (big but lovely) and we've even had one that would walk on a lead like a dog!

Vasko has made great improvement overnight and is walking about more than he has been, he seems is much less pain but quite tired, although he's usually asleep for most of the day. Hopefully he's on the road to recovery and should be fine in a day or so. We have friends arriving sometime today to start a new life in Bulgaria. I hope they've had a good trip and settle in well. At least they should help me keep busy until the kids come home!


  1. Lovely piggy pictures. We have just managed to source a weaner and 2 boars to bring our numbers up all different bloodlines (we breed rare breed pigs) so hopefully we should have some piglets by Christmas time.

    Yours look gorgeous. And yes, it's amazing how quickly they grow. We've just sent a barren gilt to slaughter and she weighed 190 kilos!!

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sue - I'd love to breed some rare piggy's here but finding any is hard. Our blacksmith keeps telling me he has half black, half white pigs so when the next litter is due (about now I think) I'll ask if I can go see them.

    Apparently Bulgarians don't like pigs with dark patches or spots - not sure what that's all about!

    Great weight for your gilt.

    Suzy xx

  3. Hi I'm from and was invited to take a peek and I would like to say thank you its all very enlightening and I love the bit about the pigs and piglets too thank you for this


  4. What a lovely blog I've not read all of it yet but I will be back for more thank you and I wish you every success for the future

    Jane (nu2bg)