Monday, 2 August 2010

It's Baby Day!

Our lovely sow, Charlotte, was due to give birth today and never one to be late she has so far produced 8 healthy piglets which we're delighted with. There may be more but if not we're happy anyway. She's proving to be a wonderful mother. I'll upload some photos tomorrow for you all to see as I'm sure Charlotte needs some rest right now and bonding time with her new babies.

Poor Vasko has managed to hurt himself overnight and woke us up howling, we rushed outside but couldn't see anything wrong apart from he was standing in the yard whimpering. This morning we noticed one of the big logs had fallen from where it was stacked so we think it may have hit his front, left leg and although I've checked the leg and not found anything unusual it's obviously sore. He's had a very quiet day sleeping in the shade, managed a small tea, frank plenty of water and seems brighter tonight. He can bear weight on the leg but doesn't want to. When I checked his leg he didn't flinch so hopefully he's just really bruised, or has torn a muscle. Poor old dog! If he's not any better tomorrow I'll try and get him in the car and go to the vets in town.

Well that's our news for today, it's time now to go check on Charlotte and the babies again before securing everything for the night, think I best make some tea for us both too!

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  1. Quick update to let you know that we have 10 live piglets tonight. Fingers crossed they all stay healthy. Great job Charlotte