Saturday, 7 August 2010

Quick Update

We've had a pretty hectic couple of days and I've not had the chance to update my blog - Shame on me! Not only have the days been busy we have been out 2 nights in a row to friends houses for a meal and it's been lovely catching up. Tonight I was thinking that hubby and I would get some quiet time together to chill out, watch tv and enjoy an evening together.....until our friend Marian (male) popped round and hinted that he was going fishing - hubby looked at me, waited for a yes and then shot off to get his gear together and into the car! Humph so I'm a fishing widow tonight, but at least I have chocolate to keep me company lol

As the weather is very hot now the above gound pool is becoming a godsend, somewhere to cool off, relax and have some quiet time lounging on an inflatable lilo. I'm not much of a swimmer so a quick dip usually suffices, hubby likes to have a swim and although the pool isn't huge he still enjoys it. I must point out that I can swim, just don't really feel the urge to. We have to remember to put the filter on every day and clean the bugs from the top of the water but it doesn't take long.

Vasko has had an eventful day, he's all recovered now from his accident and is back to normal apart from the flies. So hubby and I have given him a trim around the face in an effort to stop the flies laying their eggs on him. He was so patient and didn't try yo bite us once, it's as though he knows we are trying to help. He's had his face washed, and any red areas checked. Fly eggs (and a few maggots) removed, had a clean with an antiseptic wipe and been sprayed with fly repellent a few times today in an effort to keep them at bay. Hopefully now that the area can get more air to it we should be able to alleviate the problem and he can sleep soundly in the shade during the day without being plagued by flies.

The piglets are growing fast and getting more playful and inquisitive by the day. They're quite happy to have a little stroke now too and like to investigate anything new. Mum Charlotte is so chilled out this time and happily leaves them alone for a few minutes at a time to have a wander round the stable yard. They're all looking healthy and happy and will be starting to try solid food in about 10 days time. We have already had people enquiring about when they will be for sale so hopefully they'll all go off to nice homes in 6-8 weeks time. Also moving off to a new home is one of the older piglets, she'll be joining another that we've had here for a friend until she could move into her house, so at least they'll be good company for each other.

A last littel thing I wanted to say was a huge thanks to English Mum for offering to send things for Vasko dog if we can't find the necessary things here. I'll be popping to the vets when I go to town to see what they suggest and fingers crossed we'll have him in tip top condition in no time :) If you click the link you'll find a lovely site with great pictures and whole load of humour thrown in.

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