Friday, 30 July 2010


Well after 28 hours the pool is now full, and I'm really glad we'll only have to do it once a year. For the next couple of months it will be a godsend as the weather gets even hotter. The path is also finished and looks really good, I just need to find a place for the solar lighting and we'll be one step closer to having a garden we can enjoy and relax in.

Our lovely quince trees are looking well but don't have many fruit on them this year. The large plums are abundant however so I'll be making lots more of my favourite plum jam mmmmm. Hubby cooked pork fillet for tea tonight and added a little plum jam to the sauce which was fantastic. Better still, he washed the dishes too! So that's one less job on my list for tomorrow.

My Castor Oil Plant is looking rather splendid right now and towers above the abundance of flowers at the start of the garden. I do know the seeds are poisonous so planted it where none of the animals would go. Reported poisoning cases are rare thankfully. Also looking well (but not pictured) is my small olive tree, it will have to come indoors for the winter with a few others but should be ok.

With less than a week until our next piglets are due I'm looking forward to having some babies around again. Hopefully this time things will go a little smoother as Charlotte is no longer a first time mum and the weather is much better. I still have bottles ready just in case and may get a small amount of milk replacer from the vets if I get the chance. Best to be prepared for all eventualities! I'll update you on any progress as soon as she goes into labour.

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  1. Can't wait to see the pool! And wow, that castor oil plant is amazing too. You've been so busy since I last dropped by x