Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Barrowing Along

This morning I got up, did my usual jobs then got on with making the new garden path. Hubby had kindly put a load of stones where the edges were to be and all I had to do was sort out the weed control fabric, lay it all flat and then fill the path with gravel. Sounds easy enough for me to do and not exactly brain surgery either. Armed with a shovel and wheel barrow off I go on the first of many trips to the sand/gravel pile that's always outside of our house (and the donkey loves to roll in!).

Vasko pictured above, is as usual following me around in the hope that there may be some food on the go! Sometimes he really does get in the way but other times I find it quite nice that he's decided he wants to be around me. When I was last in the UK I did buy some weed repressing fabric but could I find it today when I needed it? Of course not, so I recycled our ever growing pile of pig feed bags, sliced them in half and used them instead. Hopefully they will help keep the weeds from coming through my new path and as it's wider than the old path should mean slightly less scything too.

Back and forwards I go with my trusty wheel barrow, stopping every so often for a quick break and to look at some of the lovely flowers growing in my garden this year. By lunchtime I was done and our new path is almost complete, just one small part left to do but hubby needs to remove a slab of concrete first, then I'll get the last 2 or 3 barrow loads of gravel down. I must admit it does look good and with the pool sitting on it's new concrete pad being filled as I type this I reckon by tomorrow afternoon it will look great. I can't wait for the kids to come home and see it! We're forecast for fabulous weather at the weekend so hubby and I may just spend a little time chilling in the pool if we get the chance.

Let's just hope Charlotte the pig doesn't go into labour until her due date so we can have some R & R time either Saturday or Sunday.


  1. Hi Suzy, glad to see the pool is coming along. With all the rain you have been getting, I'm suprised you've had to use the hose to fill it!!
    We should arrive in Bulgaria late on Sunday after taking a leasurely drive from dear old Blighty. The weather forecast says that it's going to be sun, sun, sun up until we arrive and then it's going to bucket down again!
    I know that there has been flooding down south and that the Danube is quite high near Rousse, what's it like near Veliko?
    Enjoy your Pig Roast and have a good weekend.
    Bob & Wendy.

  2. Hi Bob & Wendy, the weather this week hasn't been too bad, although this year has been our wettest yet. No floods here but we did have constant, heavy rain for 18 hours or so.

    You're right about the weekend we're forecast for good weather, thunder showers possibly Sunday but temps rising with 36 degrees C expected here Monday. As long as the rain stays away while the pig roasts that's fine with me lol.

    Enjoy your drive over, I hope the Romanian roads have improved immensely in the last couple of years.

    Hopefully the pig roast will go well and everyone will have a great time. Maybe we'll even sell a couple of pigs!