Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Slightly Bewildered

Now there are people that may think I live my life in a state of slight bewilderment all of the time, and I'd say that it could be partly true. I'm rather haphazard and dis-organised, but I'd like to think that's just part of the quirkiness that can be me. Today's event however, have left me feeling more out of sync than I like to. Possibly because I just don't completely understand what went on in court this morning. I'd expected to be met by an interpreter, stand in a court room full of people speaking a language I only half understand and find out who stole our machinery and then possibly even find out they/he/she would be given a sentence or whatever and we'd get our stuff back.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case today and the court hearing was all about them taking another statement from me in front of the judge, clerk, prosecutor and a lady police officer, along with the interpreter they had provided for me. Her translations were good (apart from telling me I was there to be interrogated!) and the judge was pleased that I was trying to learn Bulgarian and understood half of what was being said. Around 20 minutes later we were done and I was on my way back home. I understand the need for an official statement of course, but that's 3 that have now been given about the same break in and very little has changed - apart from us realising there is an electric planer also missing which was added to the list today. No mention of anyone being caught, questioned, or any of our things being found. Ho hum :(

On a much more positive note the concrete pad for our new above ground pool is finished and boy does it look good. I'm putting a new path in tomorrow and will take photos once it's completed. Really could do with one of the strimmers though as the grass and weeds are growing like crazy with all the rain we've had lately. Let's hope the sunshine returns soon or the pool will be very cold!

How did your day go?


  1. You are always such a busy bumble bee! I hope you get time to relax in the lovely new pool when it's ready x

  2. I plan on making some time to relax either by the pool or in it, will be great to cool off when the weather is at it's hottest too. Just need to find my swimwear!

    I'm not always busy, and do take quite a few breaks during the day. I'd also get more done if we didn't have the internet!!

    Some days I work harder than others, but don't we all?