Monday, 10 May 2010

Two Steps Forward.....One Back!

This afternoon I have managed to plant out my chillies as they were getting too big for the pots they've been in. I cleared some of the winter patch, weeded and sorted where they were going. The 5 or so that I had kept to overwinter inside seem to be doing really well and are flowering already, so hopefully we'll have fresh chillies soon. I do still need more though as we do use a fair amount in cooking and chutneys etc.

One day next week I'll probably pop down to town and buy more chilli and tomato plants and have a browse to see what else is on offer. There's usually a good selection of fresh vegetables and fruit, plus plants in spring and summer and woollen socks in winter. Going into town is not something we do everyday so can be a good break from routine and a chance to get out of the gardening clothes for a couple of hours....although I'm always pleased to get back home again!

There's no escaping the fact that rural life in a small, Bulgarian village is not easy at times. The language still puzzles me, shops here stock only essentials and even though there are about 10 shops in our village they all sell the same stuff and mostly at the same prices too! Working the land without the aid of modern machinery is back breaking in any weather yet the older people here don't moan, they just get on and get it done, it does explain why a lot of the baba's are bent almost double constantly though. So maybe I should bite the bullet and either spend 1200 leva on a rotovator or borrow a donkey drawn plough, pick up my mortika and turn this garden into a productive vegetable patch again.

First though I'll have another coffee!


  1. I'd have a coffe or six lol! Definately go for the rotovator anything to make life easier!

  2. LOL Suzy :D
    I agree with you & Scooby go for the rotovator or at least a small one!!! Ours has been invaluable this year!
    Your blogs are good I enjoy reading them!

  3. I know we need a rotovator but just can't justify spending the money to buy one yet..........we have a small tiller but to be honest it's just not up to the job and I might as well get on with the spade and dig it all over.

    Coffee is always a good option ;)