Thursday, 13 May 2010

Do You Ever Wonder?

Whilst working today in the garden I found at least 40 small tomato plants nestled away in a patch I'd dug over a few weeks ago. They must have self seeded from last years crop and are doing quite well despite not getting any attention at all.

Now this started me off thinking that possibly nature was trying to tell me something - call me mad if you like but to me it's obvious that the conditions must have been right at some point for the seeds to germinate and grow into healthy seedlings without any help. The same goes for the mystery squash/courgette/pumpkin plants found in the muck heap yesterday. Do any of us try to work out what your garden would say if it could talk? Am I messing with nature by planting things that wouldn't normally be found growing here?

It's a big question and rather deep for this time of night after I've been working all day. What do you think? Have I had a little too much sunshine or do I possibly have a valid point?

I'll let you make your own mind up but feel free to leave comments on the state of my mental health ;)


  1. We sort of decided something like this when we discovered that planting potatoes just provided food for Colorado Beetles!
    Having said this, best for nature may not be useful for you. Nature seems to have decided that my garden should be full of some yellow flowered thing that stinks like a gents urinal and on this point nature and I have to disagree!

  2. Ah Colorado Beetles, awful things! I've given up on potatoes here having grown them with pretty bad results for the last 2 years - a fair amount of work for not a lot of gain.

    Sometimes yes we have to disagree with nature, I'd never find our little bungalow again if I let nature have it's way as the docks grow huge there and I can't see the door unless I cut them down.

    Although parts of our land have been left to nature for a long time and we're still finding useful plants that we didn't know were there. Fig trees being the last surprise mmmm

  3. Oh, yes, that happens. Germinated seeds from the previous year's harvest just needs a little summer sunshine to grow. I would think of them as merely a treat - a demonstration of the willpower of plants, a survivor. If what you grow this year is meant to be, it'll show up in next year's harvest in the same way.

  4. Beware the mystery muck heap courgette thingy. Sometimes they revert to their gourd ancestors and will surely ruin taste-wise anything you add them to ..!

    If my garden could talk it would laugh and say "no chance with those little seeds out here mate!"

  5. a demonstration of the willpower of plants, a survivor. I like that and have moved the tomato plants so I can plant them later with the other varieties I have growing.

    Beware the mystery muck heap courgette thingy. Oh but I'm becoming a master at mystery plants as I have a habit of forgetting what I've put in and where it's gone in the garden......gourds end up turned into planters here or fed to the animals so nothing gets wasted.

    Just need to find a use for all the clover we have here!