Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Changing My Routine

As the seasons change and the weather warms up my daily routine needs to be altered to help me make the most out of the cooler parts of the day. Gardening can be hard enough without having to do it in high temperatures.

The last few weeks I've been going to bed earlier which means I wake up earlier, and can get the animals sorted by 8am, then into my garden to do some weeding or planting before noon. By lunchtime the kids are generally home from school so we have sandwiches and try to sort out a couple of jobs for the afternoon.

Today I decided after lunch to go back and do some more digging in my garden, mindful of the fact that it's still not totally dry and that time is running short for planting. After 20 minutes of digging though I was shattered.......break time it was and a decision reached - no more trying to work outside during the middle of the day! The kids have gone off for a swim in a local lake so I may even have a short nap this afternoon before I start making tea.

The camera has been out again quickly today and I took a couple of nice shots of some of the lovely flowers in my garden for you to see. My beautiful peony roses only usually last around a week once they bloom but are fantastic to see.

Can you see the tiny grasshopper on the orange flower? It's that time of year that we start to hear the crickets and grasshoppers now.....it's a lovely soothing sound to fall asleep to.

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