Friday, 7 May 2010

Storming Ahead

In the last 30 minutes or so it's become very humid and still here....because there's a storm on the way. The forecast is for thunder and lightning with rain today but this morning was beautiful. Still it just goes to show how quickly the weather can and does change.

I'm not complaining though as my garden will benefit from some rain, the ground is cracked, parched and dry on top and just like concrete - Digging is really hard work and our mini rotovator doesn't stand a chance, I might as well wave it around like a flag for the use it is on the garden. I think we'll have to stump up some cash and buy a "Real" rotovator this year, something that will eat the ground and frighten the children lol.

As I'm typing this I can hear thunder starting to rumble in the distance and getting closer all of the time. The kids have just been asked to get the dry washing off the line and also close up the patio umbrella before the wind carries it away. Storms here can be fantastic but pretty powerful. I'm tempted to get the horses and donkey in but will wait another few minutes in case it just skims over the top of us. At least the breeze will be keeping the fly population grounded so the horses will get a some peace from them.

I guess I should get this post published now as we may lose electricity during the storm when it arrives properly. If we do then tea time will be an easy one for me as we'll have salad and salami with pickled eggs and whatever else I can find in the fridge that's ok to be thrown on a plate! Don't you just love summer eating? 

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