Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Things That go Bump in the Night

It's started again, those small noises only heard during the night that stop when you move or make sound. One minute everything is quiet, then the scratching and scrabbling starts!

We've got rodents again.....and can't find where they are getting into the house and that's annoying me. I know that living in a rural area and keeping livestock means that there will be rodents around and they will come into the house especially in winter. The Bulgarians laugh about it and tell us not to worry, the rodents will move out again in spring!

This time I don't think we'll use poison, although it works well there's no guarantee we'll be able to find the bodies easily and the smell is awful if they're not moved quickly! so it's back to traps let's hope we can catch them quickly and be rodent free again....for a while!

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