Friday, 22 January 2010

Still no Piglets

We're still waiting for the piglets to be born and it's seems like we've been waiting forever now! Everything is ready, Charlotte is still happy and eating well, the camera battery is charged and the local pig man has taken up residence in our living room again lol

I've been down to the local cafe this morning the same as every friday but there was no weekly market due to the weather. Our front door is frozen on the inside and temperatures her have dropped down to around minus 8 during the day and it was minus 12 last night. The forecast for the next week isn't good with some areas of Bulgaria getting as low as minus 25 degrees celcius!

It's quite worrying that our first litter of piglets are going to be born in this cold and I'd be interested in how other people cope with things like this....I guess I'll have to trawl the internet today and try to find some answers.

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