Monday, 18 January 2010

Snow Again

For the last couple of days it has been trying to snow again. Temperatures have dropped to just on freezing during the day and this morning we woke to find a good layer of snow on the ground and no signs of it stopping yet. So it's back to that winter wonderland.

At times like this we light the woodburner, make sure the animals are fed and watered and relax. We don't make unnecessary trips out of the village and are happy to watch tv, read or surf the internet to pass the time. Winter really isn't that long here, or it never seems so and it will soon be spring and time to start working the garden again.

I love spring time, and look forward to seeing the new born lambs bounding about and being able to spend more time outside. I'm itching to start planting seeds but am hanging on until the weather is a little more predictable otherwise I'll end up with a load of leggy seedlings that are stuck in pots for too long.

The plants I brought inside for the winter are mostly doing well, although I have lost one or two. The geraniums that I butchered to make lots of cuttings are going great guns, the avocado plant looks well and is getting much taller and I've a few houseplants that will need repotting once spring does arrive. Hopefully this year I can have a decent flower garden as I have lots of saved seeds and a better idea of what thrives and what doesn't.

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