Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Over My Wellies

The snow is now over the tops of my wellies and still big flakes of it are falling. The animals are getting bored being stuck inside (apart from the donkey who hates snow) and even when they have access to outside space are preferring to stay in the doorway. The photo is of my son, yesterday, not looking too impressed about his mum sending him outside for so she could take a piccie!

One of the horses is taking it particularly bad and has become more grumpy than usual but won't stay outside, the other mare though is quite happy munching away and watching the activities in the yard. When they do eventually get to go out properly again there'll be some high jinks and letting off steam...let's just hope that I'm not on the other end of a rope when they decide to do it!

Horses here are quite different from the UK. They're bred to work for one thing and can be quite fearful of people, that can make them defensive and in some have aggressive tendencies. Our bay mare, Maya can be very defensive but has learned to trust us, she won't have strangers near her though and instantly starts to pull faces, ears back and teeth bared. The first day she arrived she kicked hubby but luckily she's not hurt any of us since. The palomino mare, Milka, can be very sweet and doesn't seem to be aggressive but can get quite hyper at times....a real dizzy blonde!

Hopefully the weather will let up soon and they can go out and graze. Even the turkeys don't want to be outside and they are remarkably stupid creatures! Still at least it means that we, the humans, can also stay inside for best part of the day and keep warm.

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