Sunday, 6 December 2009

Something Smelly

Occasionally there's an awful smell in our house and over the last few days it's started again and was getting stronger! Yuck

Through past experience we now know what causes the smell and unfortunately we are part of the problem! Not that we smell bad but it's to do with how we try to keep the house rodent free. Now I'm all for healthy living, not putting chemicals on our garden produce and eating less fat etc, but rodents I just don't like and have no problem in baiting with poison inside the house - well away from the cats and dogs though of course!

We use a combination of poison (bought locally over the counter very cheaply and legal) and traps, although not the humane traps as I prefer to kill the vermin quickly rather than just catch them over and over and not actually cut the population down! Anyone living in a rural area will know that mice coming in is normal in the winter and as people who keep farm animals know you'll always get rats where horses etc are as the food supply is usually good. Based on this we expect a certain amount of vermin and do try to limit the food they have access too. Our problem is that although the poison works and kills them quickly, sometimes a mouse or rat dies in our ceiling cavities and then we get "The Smell". It really does pong and is quite easily distinguished from other bad odours.

Part of today has been taken up removing ceiling panels in our kitchen to find a critter, we knew it was there but weren't sure which panel it was inside.....3rd time lucky and we had a body! That's the second one since September. The question now is what happens when we actually get round to plastering the ceiling? At least this time my underwear draw doesn't seem to be affected and I don't have any new crotchless knickers!

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