Friday, 11 December 2009

Hopes and Expectations for 2010

I've been thinking a bit about what 2010 might bring and in reality I have no firm ideas. Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball that would let me see the future but I guess some of the things still to come might not be what I'd like or expect.

As for hoping, well that's one thing that anyone can do, plus it's free! We can all dream and wish we'd won the lottery or invented something that saved countless lives. I'd just like to know that things will be all right in the end, not that things aren't good as they are but some things in particular could be better. Money is a concern here, we don't have huge savings or any investments to fall back on, but we don't lead an extravagant life either and don't want to.

I'd really like to be able to get the renovations of the house and bungalow finished over the next year, even to the point where the bungalow could have some paying guests staying there. Renovating a house on s small budget takes time, especially as hubby has done most of the work himself and will continue to do so when time/money allow.

Another on my list of "would likes" is a sofa! We've managed with a cheap sofa bed for 2 years now and I've hated the thing since day one lol it's functional but doesn't look nice and is very uncomfortable. Wish I'd been able to bring my 2 big, lovely, sink into sofa's from the UK but we couldn't fit them in the van or find storage for them until the majority of our stuff got shipped over. There are a few other things I miss from the UK and some things that we really shouldn't have brought as we don't use them and haven't done since they arrived. If I had to do it again I'd leave the dishwasher and tumbledryer and have brought wardrobes and of course the sofa's.

I also still miss our horses we had back in blighty, in particular my lovely Friesian X gelding, Sol, who I'd had from him being a year old and watched him grow into a fantastic looking animal with a temperament to match. Riding him was fantastic and he was a wonderful and loyal friend. Bringing them with us was an option but in my heart I knew that they'd be miserable in a horse box for the 4 days travel here so I made the best decision for the animals and sold Sol and Flint our young horse and gave away our old pony Rob and my very behaviourally challenged pet pony CJ, both to lovely homes. One day I'd like to track them down and find out how they're doing as I lost the new owner's details when my old UK mobile phone sim card disappeared. I hope they're still happy and well cared for with their owners.

In the new year I'm planning on posting about the pitfalls and common traps that catch people out when buying/living in Bulgaria. Plus some helpful hints to avoid being ripped off etc. And of course still waffling away about everyday things and hoping that someone out there in cyber space is actually reading this blog and getting a few laughs out of it!

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