Monday, 7 December 2009

Recent Weather

Up until the weekend the weather was lovely, sun shining daily and temperatures in the high teens during the day, brilliant for this time of the year.

The last few days however, have been foggy, dull, damp and much cooler. It's really starting to look like winter has found us. The trees are almost bare now so the wind fall apple supply for the animals has dwindled to next to nothing and time is running short for our young male turkeys too!

The latest on the weather forecast is that we're in for snow from friday, temperatures are set to drop with a windchill of up to -9 on some days.......not too good then, best sort out hats, gloves and woollies for everyone beforehand!  We have plenty of firewood but will have to set some time aside and log some more up and also split it down, it's not much fun trying to use a chainsaw in a snow blizzard!

I'd better try and get out to do some stock up shopping before the snow arrives too as we aren't sure how long it will last or how severe it will be. Last year we were stuck in the village for 3 weeks and were really glad of the food we'd stock piled in the chest freezer! The local shops do open but don't carry a huge range of products, mainly basic Bulgarian provisions like rice, bread, beans etc.

The kids are looking forward to the snow, son says he wants to try using a broken skateboard as a snowboard lol, best get the camera ready for that! Daughter says she won't be wearing ski trousers to school as they're not fashionable - that may be true but they keep you warm and dry so are essential in the winter months here, have mine all ready and wouldn't be without them! Although I'm not a fashion victim and prefer to be warm than trendy any day - the kids laugh at some of the things I wear but isn't that normal?

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