Tuesday, 8 December 2009

And again the fridge was bare!

I'm amazed at how much the kids can eat these days - no sooner do I seem to get back from shopping and the fridge is empty again. Food that used to last us weeks now lasts only days and every attempt I make at stocking up on things doesn't last long at all.

In reality they don't eat any more than other kids their age, maybe I eat a bit less than I used to  so it seems like they eat more, but we all enjoy food.Going back to basics has helped bring about a renewed interest in things like hot pot, casseroles and soups and just as simple meals during the summer like seasonal salads with home made burgers or something similar.

My cooking has changed a fair bit since moving here and I now make more things from scratch than ever - sauces, jams, chutney, broth, soups etc. Cooking is something I can do but don't always enjoy, I used to class myself as a "Can cook but can't be bothered" but I'm finding that I'm starting to enjoy it more and love to potter about in the kitchen and preserve things.

Over the summer I made lots of jam and experimented with some marmalade too, it must taste ok as we've almost run out already so I'll have to dig through the freezer and see what bags of fruit I have stashed to make some more. The only thing left is a solitary jar of quince marmalade that we found today and mixed with some plain yogurt for dessert. At least it'll give me something to do for a while tomorrow, there's no tea to cook as there hopefully will be enough of the leek and potato soup I made tonight left for tea and lunch is usually sandwiches. I'm planning on making rice pudding too and am looking forward to that almost as much as another helping of soup!

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