Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Preparations

I use Facebook a lot  to keep in touch with friends and family and am reminded daily on how long it is until Christmas. Some people seem to be very excited about the forthcoming holidays and others have a definite "Bah Humbug" attitude.

I'd class myself as somewhere in the middle, not one to rush around and make sure my tree was up by 1st December but I do like Christmas and enjoy seeing the place decorated and the excitement grow in the children. I've promised the kids that they can put the tree and decorations up 10 days before Christmas, we did bring all that stuff from the UK and it's quite nice having something to remind us of years past.

We had hoped to be eating pork and turkey this Christmas with all the trimmings, plans were tentatively made, a piglet was bought to be fattened up and of course we bred some turkeys this year too. At this moment the turkeys are in the garden eating and hopefully putting on a last spurt of weight, the pig is in the barn with her sister and eating well but still too small to warrant eating! So maybe I'll have to go buy a piece of meat and our piglet gets a reprieve for a while.

On the other hand - Our female pig, Charlotte is starting to really look pregnant and the local pig expert says she is. So in about 5/6 weeks time we hope to have piglets here. Apparently anything between 8 and 15 is normal, once they're weaned we will be selling some but may keep one or two to rear for us to eat. We also have 2 piglets here from the same breeder as Charlotte came from last year, seeing them close together it's amazing to actually see how much Charlotte has grown in a relatively short time - she must be at least 150 kilo's now and we think she's bigger than last years boar.

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