Saturday, 5 December 2009

What the hell is a "No post zone"?

Well I'm a bit confused today to say the least. After contacting the bank a couple of days ago to let them know that I hadn't received my new cash point card I've had a lovely reply from them.

Now bear in mind that this particular bank/building society has no problems with account holders living abroad, sends me regular junk mail and statements via the postal system and doesn't even charge me extra for withdrawing cash abroad, you'd think that with facilities like that they'd be quite forward thinking wouldn't you?

Not so I've just read! They in their wisdom have decreed that Bulgaria is a "No post zone" therefore my new cash point card has been sent to my branch in UK for me to collect! Which would be fine if I was in the UK, alternatively the branch may allow a nominated person to collect the card on my behalf or even if I'm really lucky they'll agree to forward the card to me. Either of which would actually be classed as posting the card to me which the bank in their wisdom won't do!

It's utter madness, I'll admit that the postal service here isn't always 100 % reliable but neither is the service in the UK. And why couldn't they have at least let me know that my new card would not be arriving so that I could try and make some other arrangements? Oh dear, I suppose I'll have to spend time on monday phoning my building society branch and begging them to send the card to me as none of my remaining family in the UK live near said branch and it would be well out of their way to go and collect the card for me.

Just another quirk in life's path to keep me on my toes......and here was me thinking that this week had been relatively quiet and mundane! Ha

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  1. Well I rang the building society this morning (had to wait 2 hours until they opened cos I forgot the time difference lol) and spoke to a lovely lady in my branch. After checking the card was there they immediately offered to post it to me! Now why couldn't that have been done in the first place?

    At least it's now hopefully on it's way and we'll have a small amount of cash for some Christmas presents if it gets here in time.

    Big thumbs up goes to Nationwide.