Sunday, 20 June 2010

Night Time Noises

Most nights here are relatively quiet, you can hear the crickets chirping, frogs calling, birds tweeting and sometimes the horses or pig snoring! The village dogs bark if there's someone about and ours usually join in until whoever is about has passed.

Last night we went to bed early because we were tired and also I've done something to my back or shoulder and I hurt pretty badly and couldn't get comfortable sitting in a chair. We were woken up sometime after midnight by the sounds of a chicken in distress - Our last bantam hen had been taken off by a predator who had sniffed out her hiding place and managed to get in, we thought the Beech Marten had returned so got the torch and had a quick look round the stable was then we spotted a fox, it decided to move and stood on the yard wall watching us for a few seconds before heading off into the night. So back to bed we went after first making sure hubby had his air rifle handy and ready to fire. The fox didn't return and there are no more birds loose around the place so hopefully he'll leave us alone now.

Our visitors today have been the calf that hubby helped deliver last year and her mum, Sashkia. They've happily munched away on one of the paddocks and probably gone home now for the night. Yesterday I had a visit from a gypsy/turkish/roma lady and her hubby who wanted me to read a letter she had received from the UK Immigration Service, which of course was written in English which she couldn't understand. Lo and behold she was removed from the UK and banned from re-entering until 23rd June 2010 after serving a 9 month prison sentence! Watch out UK I expect she's right now packing her bags to come back and commit more crimes!!!! I can only imagine what she thought of the UK prison service and the facilities there. I'm sure the Bulgarian jails don't have matching curtains and bedspreads or playstations etc!

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