Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Stormy Days & Nights

A couple of nights ago we had a huge storm, the wind raged and the thunder was louder than I've ever heard before - the whole house felt like it was shaking and woke both of us up! While the cooler weather it brings is very nice and the rain does wonders for the garden it's not exactly what you want in the middle of hay season. We still haven't collected the rest of the hay from the field as every time it dries out we get another storm which damps it again so we'll have to wait and see if it is salvageable.

My small flower garden is a riot of colours at the moment and starting to look really nice. The strawberries are busy sending out runners everywhere so hopefully next year we'll have a much bigger crop - not that we can have a smaller crop than this year since the chickens managed to eat every single one!

All of the varieties of beans are now flowering as are the courgettes. I've been out to buy some garden netting today to keep the butterflies off my cabbages and will put it in place later on as we're in the middle of another storm right now, at least I won't have to water anything later! Hubby is busy doing some work round at his sisters house today so it's all quiet here, even the dogs have decided to shut up and go to sleep. Last night I didn't sleep well at all as my shoulder and back are still very painful and it's hard to get comfortable. Then the dogs started to bark and kept it up for hours, so I may have a nap this afternoon in front of the TV or lie down with a book for a while until the storm has passed and I can get back outside.

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