Saturday, 26 June 2010


There's something going on around here this week and I'm betting it's hormone based! Maggie the donkey who's usually quite amiable and happy has managed to get loose twice today and wander off to visit a male donkey down the street - Oh and didn't she give me the run around when I went to catch her, she's normally not known for speed but believe me she can move when she wants to!

She's not the only hormonal one here at the moment, my horse Maya was in a foul mood tonight and refused to be caught to come in, she managed to get loose and went careering off down the track at a flat out gallop, so that's 3 times today I've had to round up unruly animals! Pah, all on my own too as hubby has gone fishing, maybe it's a hint and I'm hormonal too although I certainly don't feel it.

My cart is still waiting for a puncture to be repaired and hasn't been used at all this year so far, usually we get Milka on the cart during the spring and autumn and go for a jaunt around the village. It amuses the locals and helps keep the horses weight down a little. Admittedly it's not a very comfortable thing to ride in but I do enjoy it. Horses or donkeys and carts are still used a lot around the village for transport and are an everyday sight. Next month there is a huge horse fair at a neighbouring village, Kamen, and we'll probably go for a day out.

Let's hope the hormones have calmed down a little tomorrow and things will be back to normal.

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