Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Swift Recovery

Over the last week or so I've had trouble with my back and left shoulder so not really got much done in the garden apart from a spot of weeding. The wet weather has meant I've not needed to do any watering but has also made the grass grow quickly. Yesterday I went out with the scythe to "Find" my vegetable plots again and was surprised to see how well some of the vegetables are doing. Even though my tomato plants are small in comparison with the locals there is fruit on some of them and that made me happy.

The photo above is of Butch, our little Bulgarian bitsa who lives outside in all weathers (with access to a kennel of course), he's a fab little dog and quite good at guarding too despite only being small. I love his funny, short legs and he's also very bright and will sit, give a paw and sing on command. Scruffy Vasko, the dog who decided he wanted to live here, is putting on weight, looking much better and starting to get more of a personality. He likes to follow me around when I'm feeding the animals and barks at the window for his tea, although he's not very good at figuring out when tea time is yet! We have found a couple of problems with him, he's food aggressive, especially towards men and a couple of days ago he bit hubby on the leg quite badly so we'll need to keep an eye on him at meal times.

Our gorgeous piglets are growing up so fast and will be 6 months old in July, they're still great to be around and love human company, but they can be rather boisterous and will mug you for food! Oh and boy can they be noisy when it's feeding time. Soon the 2 male piglets will have to go, we can't and won't risk any interbreeding. They are slightly larger than their sisters and should give us plenty of meat for the freezer. I'll be sad to see some of them go but our next litter of piglets are due the first week in August and Charlotte is looking huge already so maybe we'll get a bigger litter.

I'm still missing the kids dreadfully and hope they're having a good time. They've been to visit my mum who has been on holiday in the Lake District and my sister said they're ok. Neither of them have rung but they do keep in contact via Facebook. Right now I'm off into my garden while the weather is dry to get more scything done.....the pigs and chickens will get the cut grass when I'm done and hopefully the garden will look a lot better :) Hope you all have a great weekend.

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