Saturday, 24 October 2009

Randomness and Children

I'm the first one to point out that my posts and this blog are somewhat hectic and haphazard. Random is me! The Bulgarians seems to be pretty organised as a people. They follow the seasons, go to work, meet friends for coffee and day to day life goes along the way it has done for years.

If I could sort my life into complete order I think I'd get very bored quickly. Life needs some random moments, although not as many as we have here possibly LOL.

My daughter seems to have inherited the random streak and grown it into a total lifestyle......or is that just teenagers in general? My son on the other hand is somewhat of an order freak and spends hours sorting through his various card collections etc. How can 2 children be so different?

I've tried over the years to become more organised and it works but only for a certain length of time. So do I keep on trying or just go with the flow as seems more appropriate here? I get things done, not always on time but the jobs get done. Isn't that what counts? We try to live a peaceful life here - not always easy with a teenage girl and 12 yr old boy around but most of the time things run pretty well.

David, my husband, works long hours most days renovating houses for other people, on the odd day off he gets he does like to go fishing and who can blame him? I can honestly say that I'm rarely bored here because there's so much to do especially when the weather is good. We spend more time together as a family now than ever and I hope the children appreciate and realise how much better life here is.

No longer am I scared that they'll be knocked over or abducted if they go outside to play. They walk to and from school every day without any hassles and are generally much more active here. In the first 6 months of living here I lost 3 stone in weight! Having been off and on dieting for years it was a total revelation as at that time I wasn't trying to lose weight. I've put some of it back on but am still 2/3 dress sizes smaller than I was in the UK and it's all down to the healthier life.

If you offered me money to return back to good old blighty and live I'd turn you down without having to think twice. Our life here is far from perfect but we're happy, albeit as poor as a church mouse but oh so rich in other ways. Life is hard wherever you are unless you make it otherwise.

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