Monday, 26 October 2009

Off colour

I'm feeling a bit low at the moment, runny nose, headaches, aching joints and generally full of cold. So there's not a hell of a lot getting done around here.

Today I've tried to stay inside and keep warm, watched some tv and had a nap, which is not like me at all! Usually I'm not a good sleeper, 6 hours max a night (hence the reason some of my posts are made at random times). Last night I slept 9 hours and have felt shattered all day.

I'm sat here writing this with a lovely hot toddy next to me, a pan of homemade soup ready to be eaten and the wood burner going nicely downstairs. Tomorrow I might take it easy too although my winter vegetable garden needs a tidy up, weed and there are some black radish plants that need thinned out. Nothing that won't wait for a couple of days until I pull myself round a bit. The same goes for the housework lol

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